Fun Friday: This Video is Fun To Watch

No matter how much I want to look away, I just can’t, this guy’s dancing is just too fun to watch!
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Y.I. Wednesday: Why I am Proud to Support America via Indivisible

 The other day, while I was in Starbucks,  I did what anyone would have done when they see a cause they believe in,

I put my money where my mouth is.

I am proud to be born in America. 
Black or white, free will, freedom of religion and freedom of speech, I love America.
I believe we have the drive, the passion and love, that a country needs to be successful,
and it’s exactly why I also want to help America grow.
We help less fortunate countries, we rally for rights, we give money to Cancer research, the poor and other causes…
Why not give to America’s job growth?
It affects us all.

Here is something you ought to check out and something I support.

Check out what people are saying on Twitter about #indivisible.

Our goal in America is to co-exhist, unite and be free….
And together is the only way we can do it.
Support US Today!
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A Monday Poem

 We all have Monday’s. Some of us worse than others. 

My wonderful friend Deb, owns her own greeting card company, where she writes personalized poems. I love them so much and can always find comfort, inspiration or a good laugh from them.
Read this one, it reminds me of how, with summer on the brain, our memories can fail us and can make a workday not so joyous…and… how grace and forgiveness (both from ourselves and others, can help):
                      artwork is property of
It’s happened to me
And probably happened to you
Your memory failed
And didn’t come through
You worked through the morning
Without a care in the world
Then retrieved a voice mail
And your day just unfurled
Even with reminders
In your calendar book
You missed this one meeting
And then your heart jumped and shook
But people understand
Like I hope Catherine does
Nobody’s perfect today
At least that’s the buzz!
So, forgive me, I hope
And the lesson for me
Don’t judge others harshly
It will catch you, you’ll see
From your office or home, send a loved one a poem
(All poems are complete with artwork and can be directly mailed to card recipient.)
(Poem reprinted with the permission of
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An Inspirational Message from My Fortune Cookie

                     People don’t lack strength they lack will.

Learn more about Willpower at
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Y.I. – Why Yellow Inspiration Blog Posts Have Been Missing for a Week

Here are last weeks blog posts…

I’ve been out of town for a death in the family…

I found that no matter how old the person is or how much peace they are in now because they are in a better place…

If they were a significant part of your life, it’s still completely and utterly painful.

Blog posts to come will be about: the weeks experiences, packing, traveling, death and family matters…

Until then, here are the links to all of this past weeks Y.I. Posts M.I.A.

Monday, June 18: Quote on the Mind

Wednesday, June 20: Y.I. Wednesday: Nursing Home Post Incomplete

Friday, June 22: Fun Friday: Inspiring Quote for Dads

Thanks for reading, thanks for your support and don’t take a phone call or hug for granted.

Because, you never know when you’ll get the chance to do it again.

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Y.I. Wednesday: Why I Love to Listen to Chris Botti


Most who know me, know I love various kinds of music.
And, Oh, why not love Chris Botti?
Just listen, or watch… and find out….
He is amazing, enchanting and talented.
There’s nothing bad about his music and if you like Sinatra…
or enjoy relaxing…
Chris Botti is for you…
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What I Learned About Positive Energy on My Daughter’s Field Trip

I recenlty went on an all day excursion with my teenage daughter (and about 50 other teenagers at her school).

I know, brave, or crazy…but I learned something…and not just that teenage girls talk ‘a lot’!

During part of the trip we visited COSI in Columbus, OH. COSI is a really big, super cool, hands on science center. The place was great! We had a ton of fun and I recommend a visit (it’s fun for grown ups too!)

During the last 20 minutes of our visit, we were hanging out in the lobby waiting for our group to line up for the bus. And during this time there was a show up on stage.

Do you remember as a kid, shuffling across the floor in your socks in the winter, then touching the first person you reached? What happened? You shocked them right!!??
I loved doing this. It was fun and always made me laugh.

As I sat back and watched the crowd of volunteers go up on stage I actually got a bit concerned…The kids all began to form the longest static-electricity chain I’d ever seen.

As the first person rubbed his hands all over the source of electricity, the long chain of kids circled around the lobby and braced for the shock.

As they did, the boys hair began to stand up on end. At this point. the instructor discussed how ‘positive energy lifts up his hair, as well as the pom-pom he was holding. Negative energy, (like the type which was about to happen) would bring it down…’


    P O W!!!!
Do you realize that all of us have this ability every day?
No, not to shock those around us with little zaps of electrons…

“Will Someone else’s life be brighter tomorrow because of what you have done today?”
~ William Arthur Ward

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