Wishing You A Happy Vacation!


It’s only the beginning of August and you will certainly find,
there are still several people going on vacation.
So, here is a poem for you or them, and as you can see, I cannot rhyme worth a darn…
THAT is why I leave it for my friend, and greeting card business owner, Deb:
Wishing someone a pleasant vacation, bon voyage, etc.,
as she found herself on a road trip to a wedding in South Carolina.
Some get there by car
Some jump on a plane
A ship in the ocean
Makes Julie refrain!
It’s always exciting
To go on a trip
The anticipation involved
Makes me almost flip!
There’s much to be done
Before one can relax
There’s packing involved
Should I take shorts or slacks?
Long sleeves or short?
A sweater or none
Hard tellin’, not knowin’
With Springtime and sun!
Anyway, I’ll be back
Sometime Sunday night
If a card needs sending,
I’ll do it up right!
Thank you so much
For the referrals you’ve given
When I see joy from others
Once again, I am driven!
“From your office or home, send someone a poem”


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