A Monday Poem

 We all have Monday’s. Some of us worse than others. 

My wonderful friend Deb, owns her own greeting card company, where she writes personalized poems. I love them so much and can always find comfort, inspiration or a good laugh from them.
Read this one, it reminds me of how, with summer on the brain, our memories can fail us and can make a workday not so joyous…and… how grace and forgiveness (both from ourselves and others, can help):
                      artwork is property of iambicchick.com
It’s happened to me
And probably happened to you
Your memory failed
And didn’t come through
You worked through the morning
Without a care in the world
Then retrieved a voice mail
And your day just unfurled
Even with reminders
In your calendar book
You missed this one meeting
And then your heart jumped and shook
But people understand
Like I hope Catherine does
Nobody’s perfect today
At least that’s the buzz!
So, forgive me, I hope
And the lesson for me
Don’t judge others harshly
It will catch you, you’ll see
From your office or home, send a loved one a poem
(All poems are complete with artwork and can be directly mailed to card recipient.)
(Poem reprinted with the permission of Iambicchick.com)
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