Y.I. Wednesday: Why I Am Appreciative for Life

I went for a barrage of tests last week.

I tried to think positive as I drove to the lab.
And pretended that’s not where I was actually going.While in the waiting room, I prayed.
As I got poked, pushed and scanned…
I acted as if it was business as usual and still tried to think positive
(though I’m sure my nervous chatter made the technician think otherwise).I’d like to say that during the next week,
while I waited for the results,
that I forgot all about it…
but I didn’t.
Finally, the follow up doctor’s visit arrived. 
That’s when I got serious and said some more prayers on my way to the office…
I like to think I appreciate the good, the bad, the struggles, the lessons, the air I breathe and the
opportunity to experience it all, but honestly, as a human, I know I don’t always.

But when faced with moments like these, I think we all find a whole lot more appreciation…
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