Y.I. Wednesday: Why I Ditched Twitter

Well, it’s not exactly like it sounds…
Or maybe it is.

Last summer I jumped on the Birdy-Bandwagon… and since fall, I’ve been thinking that the only reason I like Twitter is because it’s the quickest, coolest way to get News and Sports.

For the most part, I still think think this way.

But, you see, I’d been contemplating killing the bird a while back, when every time I clicked on a Tweet, I was then linked to another place to ‘click’…to which sometimes the link was good, sometimes not…sometimes info was cool, other times not so much..

It just seemed like a waste of time.

So, I stopped using Twitter to reach out for info…but kept it wondering, ‘What if people want to reach ME!?’ Well, I had a very quick (and easy) answer to that…

Anyone who wants to read my work can Google or visit any one of my websites to access just about any part of my work.

Sometimes when we just can’t make a decision, the decision is occasionally made for us.
I kind of like it when this happens.
It saves me time… (And I need as much as I can get!)

Since I am writing a book, working, running a business, and busy being a parent, I recognized that something had to go but hadn’t yet decided if I ought to oust the blue bird…

So, when I recently, accidentally, fowled up my password, and had to hit ‘reset’…
I decided against following through with the reset email….
Now, my life is a tad less cluttered and I have a wee bit more time.
Nighty-Night Twitter…
Hmmm, let’s see what else can I ditch.
Facebook anyone?
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3 Responses to Y.I. Wednesday: Why I Ditched Twitter

  1. Amritpal says:

    Actually I beg to differ. Because the fact that you are writing a book and running a business is the very reason you should still stay active on Twitter. Your audience and customers want to connect with you and Twitter is a popular tool for that. Not only can you type a status less than 140 characters, which is fairly simple, but you can download pictures of your life as a busy parent to show your readers that you do have a life outside of work, which is being a parent. You may actually find that people are more impressed with your balancing capabilities. Also – Twitter is not just to stay connected with your friends and family, it’s a great networking tool for work related tasks. You may find opportunities that you may now be able to look into, and contact people that are associated with that opportunity. Relationship building is one component but so is networking and leveraging that to your benefit.

    • Thanks for visiting, reading and thanks so much for your comment. You have some very valid points and I I appreciate your insight. Maybe you might share how Twitter has been helping you?

      • Amritpal says:

        Honestly – I found tons of internship opportunities on Twitter. I am also keeping track of possible job opportunities and I follow not only the company’s Twitter but the HR coordinator’s as well. I use my Twitter as a part of my portfolio. Majoring in PR nowadays expects you to be well knowledgeable in social media, so my Twitter account assures that.

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