Y.I. Wednesday: Why I Love Rock and Roll and a quote from Eddie Van Halen

Why I Love Rock & Roll:

  1. Because, with out if I would never be able to get the house cleaned fast enough…
  2. Because, I’m an 80’s kid.
  3. Because, I hung out with the long hairs in high school.
  4. Because, I had friends in bands.
  5. Because, there was MTV!!! (And Headbangers ball!)
  6. Because, a lot of the time Rock & Roll makes a lot of sense!
  7. Because, Elvis was born.
  8. Because, I was in love with Jon Bon Jovi… (which came first, Bon Jovi or my love for R&R?)
And to think….I turned out okay after all of that…
It doesn’t matter what you’re in to…it matters who you are…
~ Don’t Judge ~
“It’s always a Catch-22 situation.
They hate you if you’re the same, and they hate you if you’re different.”
~ Eddie Van Halen
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