Resolution Test Drive #3: The One

After Test Drive # 1 and 2, I wasn’t sure what to pick next for a word.

I have wanted to accomplish so many things and every day feel as if I am spinning my wheels.

I wasn’t sure…
I took a few days to think about the next word…
Then it came to me…
I needed Goals!
There it was! 
My One Word for 2012!

G O A L S !!!!
There was no doubt in my mind that this test drive was going to go very well.
With Goals
I could accomplish more…
Act with purpose,
And measure results.

I’d always had dreams, but not many detailed plans to get there. With practicing One Word, I knew it could help me get all of my dreams in order and help break them down into specific plans.

So, would you like to know how it’s been going since January 1st?

I’ve always wanted to spend more time on my book, more time with my kids and get more done in my business and GOALS is helping me with that!

With GOALS as my word, I am always reminded of where I want to be and what I am trying to accomplish! I have dedicated certain days and times to completing my parenting book,
created work hours for my home business, have organized the finances, the family calendar, and blogging time into specific time slots and now I always know where I am and where I’m going and no longer waste time doing what isn’t helping me reach my goals.

Using GOAL as My One Word for 2012
has made me stop and think a lot about the end result I want…
and encourages me to eliminate things off my schedule which aren’t contributing to the things that are important to me…

I am also utilizing time better and seeing results!

If you are looking for more focus in your life, write down some things that are important to you, then only do things that resonate with those priorities.

Make some goals, 
pick one word 

Go For It!

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