Test Drive #2: Choice


Will this one be for me?

In December I test drove 3 words before choosing My One Word for 2012….This is my second test drive.


I might be the type who, at times, can make a mountain out of a molehill; make a problembigger (or more important) than it really has to be. Not because I want to, but because I tend to perceive something to matter when it really shouldn’t.

In tough situations, we sometimes just have to make a choice to let things go, be happy or sad, irritated or not… and maybe just move on….

With that being said, I wanted to work on encouraging myself to see I had those OPTIONS, and could, if I wanted to, just ‘Let it Go’.

That sounded good to me…
that sounded GREAT!!!
This would be a PERFECT Word for 2012!
This would help me decipher the trivial from the not so trivial,
and move on to a happier more relaxed life.

Choice worked. ‘Letting go’ was a great thought!
And while it works, I found myself letting go too much!
At times, not worrying or making a stand for enough of the things which were important to me…

I soon realized that much like the Hummer pictured above…’Let it Go’ (or Choice) was definitely not for me.

This is what I already knew:

  • I have choices and several of them I’ve made are because of things that were important to me.
  • I was already capable of letting things go because often I refrained from getting upset over insignificant things
  • I make a habit of choosing my battles wisely and actually tend to be passive enough already

On to Test Drive #3…

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