Y.I. Wednesday: Why I Drink Coffee

There have been years of speculation that those who drink coffee are bad.

Well, then I guess I am one of them.

Because I drink coffee and I love it!

Here’s 9 Reasons Why I do:

  1. Because as a mother, it is my own guilty pleasure.
  2. Because I am probably addicted to it.
  3. Because it’s the only addiction I can do and still drive a vehicle.
  4. Because it’s an addiction that is legal and is not killing me with every sip.
  5. Because it tastes yummy and there are so many different ways to have it!
  6. Because someone introduced me to it when I was 22 years old, and working at 5:45 am, it helped me wake up!
  7. Because coffee actually has some health benefits.
  8. Because my mind actually works better when I drink at least one cup of coffee first thing in the morning.
  9. Because I can 🙂
What do you do and why?

I Share Y.I’s every Wednesday!!!
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