Y.I. Wednesday: Love Art

 Y.I. Love Art:
There is a certain calm that comes to me when I am looking at a piece of art…..

What is art anyways?

It could be a building… a bridge… or a sculpture…
It could be a photograph…a flower arrangement, potted plant or vegetable garden…
Ultimately, I think I would describe art this way:
Anything that when you look at it brings you joy and peace….
My Children’s Artwork
…and that you appreciate and consider a gift every time you lay eyes on it…
Last Year’s Christmas Present
Art can be anything that someone created with their hands and their imagination, which makes you smile…
A quilt from a local quilt show
Try this relaxing activity:
View art online
The best places to do this:
(look up art specifically by genre, colors, and types)
Find something that makes you feel tranquil and share it if you like!
What is art to you?
Where do you find it?
And how does it make you feel?
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