Y.I. …A revcovering speeder

Y.I. abide by the speed limit….
Because now my foot automatically knows it,
after my butt got enough tickets.

I have now become the little old lady driving down the road that other people honk their horns at, and pass furiously while giving me the finger.

But I keep chugging…slowly…because….

The way I look at it is this: THEY won’t be paying my ticket if I get one. And, if I lose my license, (yes, I was that bad), they will not be the ones bringing my kids to after-school activities…and neither will I.

So, it’s better to do the speed limit.

And it has actually changed my driving experience tremendously.

I am more aware. I enjoy the ride and the scenery (a little eyeroll here).

But seriously, I am definitely more cautious and safe.

I have now become the one to waves at speeding-drivers, while using my hand gestures!

(I think I’m just jealous.)

What do you do….and why???

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